Monday, August 29, 2011

Hymn Singin' CD

Over the years I've cut a few rough recordings of some hymns and songs (some with the help of sister Anna Tracy) and I've finally gotten around to deciding that you can get a copy of these if you'd like it. $10 will get you 10 tracks (chances are I'll throw in an extra or two) and I'll even mail it to your house. If you'd like to avoid shipping charges, talk to me and we can make that transaction happen. The Google Checkout button in the right column should get you where you need to know, let me know if you have questions or problems. Thanks so much, feel free to spread the word to anyone you know who might like to have a copy of some sweet music, courtesy of Katie Tracy formerly of the Katie Tracy Band.


The Latest

The move date is set! Mom and I will be departing Tulsa the evening of September the 8th and venture the 2000+ miles to the city of sleeplessness. We're hoping to make it up with a good amount of sleep on our side by Saturday evening. I'm excited to spend some QT with my mom and WAY excited for her to get a chance to see Seattle for the weekend! I know that it seems late to be moving, and that's because it is. Little known fact: The UW is on a quarter system rather than semesters, so their school schedule is off from most of the rest of the country for most of the year. Instead of two 16 week semesters, they will have three 10 week quarters in the same amount of time. Also, for reasons that I think are more weather related, they run their school year from September - June rather than August - May. So, even though I am moving after Labor Day, I will still be arriving in Seattle about two weeks before classes start!

PTL that I have finally found a place to live! While details are still coming together slowly, it's nice to have something a little more solid than...well, nothing. I'll be about a fifteen minute walk from campus in a house with some sweet girls - a couple of nursing students and a couple of girls outside of RUF. I'm getting more and more excited to get up there and start meeting students and getting ready for the year!

In the meantime, I'm spending time with students at OU and helping out the new campus minister, Justin Westmoreland, get the lay of the land as the semester kicks off in Norman. OURUF went on a first-of-the-year float trip in Tahlequah with the RUFs from TU and Arkansas, and so I, of course, came along for the ride. I'm getting antsy to get to campus in Seattle the more than I see RUF kick off down here in Norman and especially as the other interns move to their campuses and begin having large group and meeting up with students. It's a waiting game for me at this point, but I'm trying to make the most of it and spend time doing as many of my favorite things as possible - which mostly means having coffee with dear friends and squeezing as much fun out of every moment as possible.

Continue to be in prayer for the interns who are still working to get the rest of their support together, and that my Seattle housing plan would get finalized in the next couple of days. Thank you all for your prayers and support! I'm so excited to be at this point and can't wait to get started on this journey!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I received the official GREEN LIGHT approval to move from the Atlanta office on Friday! This is such an incredible blessing and I am so thankful to all of my supporters who helped make this possible! The Lord has been so gracious to me, and through your generous help I will be able to start making arrangements to move and live in Seattle! THANK YOU!

Classes do not start until the end of September, and so in order to be there about two weeks before school starts, I'll roll out of town on September the 9th - my goal move date. Please be in prayer for my mother (!) and I, who will be trekking the 2000+ miles over 32 hours to drive up to Seattle in a few short weeks! I still have some money that I have to raise in order to be fully funded, but I am so very appreciative of each and every one of your prayers and the financial support that you have so generously given! Continue to check back for updates and pray as I work to find a place to live and roommates to live with!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Rain Outside Reminds Me that Our God is a God who Provides

Hallelujah, Grace like rain...

It's been a hot summer in Oklahoma. The hottest in history, in fact. The hottest in the history of the country, to be more specific. Yes, it's official. Oklahoma is a hot, hot place.

Contrary to the norm: the average high temperature for the month of July being 103 degrees, we've been having a few thunderstorms the last few nights but most of them have happened during the night while I slept. Waking up this morning with the clouds pouring rain down on our thirsty state nearly brought me to tears -- of the deepest weather-related joy possible. I walked outside to my car and back to the house with no umbrella, because somehow when the rain is so welcome the raindrops are not so troublesome as usual. It's beautiful to see the way the Lord has provided the rain that we so desperately need, and his blessings are new every morning!

This summer I have continued to work at my position in Norman as an Americorps member at the Center for Children and Families in addition to my support raising and preparation efforts with RUF. This has made for a busy summer and very little down time, but I have been amazed time and again to see the ways the Lord has provided rest and solace for me. Last night we had our last "Girl Power" event (a monthly event with our female staff and middle school girls) that I will participate in, and it was an incredible way to end my time of direct service with CCFI. My contract is finished at the end of August, at which time I will have served over 1000 hours over the last year. It's been an awesome experience and an incredible preparation for future work in social service and relational ministry, including the work that I will begin on campus this fall.

This week has been exciting in the intern world as many of my intern friends have received the "green light" to move to campus! This is exciting for all of us as we are able to rejoice with one another and share one another's excitement as we transition to each of the campuses where we will serve. There are 43 interns in my intern class going all over the country! I love these people and am so excited to serve alongside these incredible men and women of God. Please continue to be in prayer for me and the others who are still working to meet their support goals.

The Lord has continued to pour down his grace on me as I grow closer and closer to my fundraising goal! Right now my greatest need is for one time gifts - of any size! I have reached my 85% goal (Praise the Lord!) with the help of many monthly pledges, but must have $10,000 of this be actual money in my account in order to be officially cleared to move. I have about $8500 of this money already, so every little bit helps so much! You can donate online at or mail gifts by check with my name and 79753 in the memo to: Reformed University Fellowship, 1700 North Brown Road, Suite 104, Lawrenceville, GA 30043.

Thank you for your love and support. Counting down the days to Seattle 2011!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Postcard Updates!

These were sent out in the mail this week, so hopefully you received one if you are on the mailing list! If you want to be on the mailing list and don't think you are, shoot me an email at and I'll make sure you get on it!

This just is a way for me to keep people updated on the latest with me! I have been so encouraged by the support I have received and the encouragement that you have provided! Thank you!